Building Inspections

City of Shallowater Building Permits and Inspections

The City of Shallowater Building Permits Department is here to service our customers during this difficult time. At this time, due to COVID-19, we have limited public access to permitting which is performed within Shallowater City Hall.

Please read below for further information regarding all Building Permit Department needs.

Permit Applications are now available online. This will include all Residential and Commercial Building Permits and

Sprinkler Permit Applications. For any other permitting information or questions, please contact City Hall

at (806) 696-4300  Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Building Codes

Construction in the City of Shallowater must meet the following specifications and standards:

2000 International Building Code

2000 International Residential Code

2000 international Plumbing Code

2000 International Mechanical Code

2000 International Electrical Code

2000 International Fire Code

Do I need a Permit?

The construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, movement, demolition of a building or structure, or the erection, installation, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, conversion or replacement of any electrical, gas, mechanical (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning) or plumbing system, if regulated by any one of the adopted codes or ordinances, will require a permit PRIOR to the work being performed. Please contact the City Hall for for more information on permitting at (806) 696-4300.

If you are constructing something larger than 200 square feet it will require an inspection and permit.

If you are constructing something smaller than 200 square feet it will not require an inspection or a permit.

Construction Permits

The City requires construction permits on new construction and on additions or remodels, and follows the 2000 International Building Code. Builders are responsible for permits, and building plans must be submitted and reviewed before any permit will be issued. Submittals for both commercial and residential new construction require two paper sets of construction plans, the application, and the energy report (on new construction). All permit fees are calculated on the number of inspections required.  Each Inspection is $75.00.  The City of Shallowater contracts all building inspections with Area Wide Inspections.  Robert Sherwood is our Building Inspector.  He will set the permit based on the number of inspections needed when he reviews the plans.  The City of Shallowatrer will notify you once Mr. Sherwood has reviewed the plans with your permit totals.

Once your permits have been paid to the City of Shallowater you can begin construction.

Please note the city accepts cash, check, or money orders made out to the City of Shallowater.

Permits are issued for 180 days.  Although all work does not have to be completed, the project must show progress.  Failure to begin construction within 180 days will cancel the permit.

How Do I Request an Inspection?

Please contact the City of Shallowater at (806) 696-4300 when you are ready for an inspection.  We will then notify our Building Inspector.  The Building Inspector WILL NOT schedule or perform inspections if you call him directly.  The inspector will leave a green or red tag on the job site once the inspection(s) are completed.  You may contact the City of Shallowater at (806) 696-4300 to check the status of an inspection.  Typically, most inspections occur within a 48 hour period.  Please note that plumbing inspections mostly occur after 5:00 p.m. Please leave gauges hooked up and do not cover up until the inspection has been completed.

Order of Required Inspections

  1. Footing
  2. Plumbing rough
  3. Return air (if applicable)

Numbers 1-3 must be complete before slab inspection

  1. Slab
  2. Plumbing top out
  3. Heating and air ducts, mechanical vent ducts
  4. Electrical rough

Numbers 4-7 must be complete before framing inspection

  1. Framing
  2. Gas
  3. Electrical underground service (if applicable)
  4. Flatwork
  5. Sewer and service lines (water and gas)
  6. Electrical final
  7. Plumbing final
  8. Heating and air conditioning final

Numbers 9-15 must be complete before final building inspection

  1. Final building inspection (before building is occupied)
  2. The City of Shallowater will perform a CSI (Custom er Service Inspection) when the final is called in.

New Construction of an Accessory Building:

If you are adding a storage shed, workshop, garage, swimming pool, pool house, or any other accessory building to your property that is larger than 320 square feet a variance is required in addition to the permits for your project.

What is a Variance?

If your project is 320 square feet or larger or has walls taller than eight feet you will need a variance.  The variance cost $125.00.  A notice of a public hearing will be placed in newspaper.  The City of Shallowater’s official newspaper is the Idalou Beacon.  The notice must run at least 16 days prior to the public hearing and the Idalou Beacon publishes every Friday with the exception of two weeks a year.  A notice will also be sent to every property owner within a 200 foot radius of your property giving them the opportunity to appear and be heard at the City of Shallowater City Council Meeting.  There will be a public hearing at the council meeting that must remain open for at least thirty minutes then the council will take action on the variance. Once your variance has been approved by the council you can pay the permits and begin contstruction.  Please remember to call City Hall for all inspections.  If you have any questions regarding variances please do not hesitate to contact the City Secretary, Amanda Cummings, at (806) 696-4300.

Helpful Tips from Our Building Inspector:

  • Do not order concrete until your inspections have passed
  • The property address must be visible from the street
  • Footing details are available by clicking on this link 
  • If you are constructing an inground pool, additional information is required.  Please click on the link below to complete the form.

If you have any other permitting or inspection questions please contact Shallowater City Hall at (806) 696-4300.