Mayor & Council


Royking Potter

Term: May 2021-2023

Occupation: Firefighter

Mayor Pro Tem

Chris Cody

Alderman Place 4

Term: May 2021-2023

Occupation: Accountant

Alderman Place 2

Jason White

Term: May 2020-2022

Occupation: Lead Driver with Labatt Food Service

Alderman Place 1

Kyle Yeager

Term: May 2020-2022

Occupation: Locomotive Engineer

Alderman Place 3

Logan Scarlett

Term: Appointed July 19, 2022 -May 2023

Occupation: Manages EPM, Inc.

Commercial landscaping, backflow testing and repairs, and landscape maintenance.

Alderman Place 5

Troy White

Term: May 2020-2022

Occupation: Engineer


City of Shallowater Government


The City of Shallowater (2010 Population 2,484) is a Type A General Law city. The City is governed by a city council composed of a Mayor and five Council members. Elections for the Mayor and Council members are held every two years in staggered terms. A general election is held each May for these city officials.

The Mayor is the presiding officer of council and is recognized as head of city government for all legislative and ceremonial purposes. During council meetings, the mayor shall vote only when necessary to break a tie vote. The council elects from among its members a mayor pro tempore who acts as mayor during the absence of the mayor.

Appointment & Responsibilities

The Mayor and five city council members are elected by the citizens of the city. They act together as the Governing Body to formulate public policy to meet community needs. The city council appoints the:

  • City Administrator
  • City Secretary
  • City Attorney
  • Municipal Court Judge
  • Department Heads

The Council’s Public Policy Activities Include:

  • Activities & Responsibilities
  • Set policy
  • Adopting the City’s annual budget
  • Approving purchases and contracts as prescribed by city charter and state law
  • Establishing general objectives
  • Reviewing and adopting all ordinances and resolutions
  • Serves as the City’s Planning and Zoning Board

Council Meetings

Regular council meetings are held monthly at the Shallowater Police Department Annex located at 607 Avenue G, on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.  These meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend.