Fire Marshal

The City of Shallowater promotes fire safety in our community. Fire Prevention is the best way to practice fire safety. Using the International Fire Code, the Fire Marshal consults with community planners and developers to make sure access is provided for emergency vehicles to all parts of our city. He also makes sure that water sources for fire suppression are always close by and ready to be used. The Fire Marshal also inspects businesses in our city for the main purposes of removing any hazards that could lead to a fire and to make sure workers and patrons have ways to get out of the building in the case of an emergency. He makes sure that the building is set up so that firefighters have the best access for fire suppression and to help with any emergency that may arise.



If you need an inspection please contact City Hall at 806- 696-4300 and they will schedule an appointment for the Fire Marshal to inspect.


Use of fireworks inside the Shallowater City Limits is against city ordinance. Using fireworks close to structures and dry vegetation increases the chances of unwanted fires starting. Aerial fireworks can spread sparks and embers far away from the initial location they were lit. When popping fireworks close to the city limit boundaries, be cognizant of which way the projectiles will travel. Be aware of wind direction and speed. Embers from fireworks can smolder for several hours before self extinguishing.

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Smoke Alarm Information

Fire Safety Checklist for Homeowners and Renters