Animal Control

The City of Shallowater does enforce Texas rabies vaccination requirements and a local leash ordinance. All domesticated animals, including cats, must be confined in a fenced area or restrained on a leash.

Loose Animals

Please call Shallowater City Hall at (806) 696-4300 Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  to check on a lost pet, or to report stray animals. Animals captured by the City of Shallowater Animal Control personnel will be held in the Shallowater Animal Control Kennel for three days. You must provide proof of rabies vaccination and pay a kennel fee of $10.00 per day, per animal, to reclaim your animal from the Shallowater Animal Control Kennel.

If you need to report a stray animal after hours please contact the Shallowater Police Department at (806) 696-4225.


Please ensure your pet has a collar with a current rabies vaccination tag and your contact information.  This will aid the City in reuniting you with your pet.

The City Shallowater has an Animal Control Ordinance.  Listed below are some of the regulations and current fees to be aware of.

It shall be unlawfaul for any person to allow an animal to run at large within the city limits.

Impoundment fees have changed.  Impoundment fees for any animal during a one year period are as follows:

First Impoundment $35.00 per animal
Second Impoundment $50.00 per animal
Third Impoundment $75.00 per animal
Daily care fees $10.00 per day per animal (excluding first day of impoundment)

Any animal found to be in violation may be impounded. Additionally, any person who fails to comply with any portion of the ordinance may be deemed guilty of a class C misdemeanor for each animal in violation.

Owners will have to show proof of rabies or erysipelas vaccination before the animal will be released, and if the animal is not vaccinated, then the owner will be assessed a $75.00 fee and will have to have the animal vaccinated within five business days. The $10.00 fee will be refunded upon proof of vaccination within five days of the animal’s release.

Euthanasia fees are based on the actual cost to the city, the cost is currently $50.00.

If you would like to view the complete ordinance please click link:

Animal Control Chapter 2

The City of Shallowater will allow up to six hens, but no roosters.  If you would like to review the complete Chicken Ordinance please click link:

Chicken Ordinance