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Animals Running At Large Information

With summer months upon us, the City of Shallowater would like to remind our residents of the laws related to our 4-legged friends.

Currently, it is unlawful for animals to run at-large within the city limits (Sec. 2.1.004 Shallowater city ordinances). Lately, neighbors have been calling in reporting animals that are not staying in their own yard. City ordinance also states that animals must be confined to their residence—within a fenced area. This also includes your front yard unless they are on a leash or other type of tether. If you choose to tether your animal, please keep in mind the following state laws (Safe Outdoor Dogs Act) that went into effect last year to keep your pet safe:

  • Dogs cannot be kept on a chain or any other restraint with weights attached.

  • The length of the restraint must be at least 10 feet long, or 5 times the length of your dog (measured from tip of nose to tip of tail, whichever is longer.

  • If tethered outside, you must provide shelter from the elements that allows them to stand, turn, or lie down in a normal position.

  • You must also provide drinking water that is within reach of the tether.

If you have animals that are not used to being tethered or confined to your yard, this may take some adjusting for them, but we want them to be safe. Should you come home and find that your furry friend is not there to greet you, please call City Hall at 806-696-4300 to see if they might have been picked up and taken to the city shelter.

Animal control and code-enforcement officers will begin enforcing these laws beginning June 1st, so please take the necessary precautions to avoid any penalties.


Thank you,


Chief Brian Williams                                                           Judge TJ McAuley 

Shallowater Police Chief                                                   Shallowater Municipal Judge